Projections onto 99.8% air

Aerogel is 99.8% air, yet a 1in thick piece would protect your hand from a blow torch. It has been used to catch dust from a comet and insulate the rovers on mars. But its effect on light is what I find so stunning. I have now used it in two installations, one for JPL, and one for the Technorama Museum in Switzerland. What you see are blocks of aerogel on a piece of glass, a projector hidden underneath bounces off of a mirror and its light illuminates the pieces of aerogel.

“For those who dream, Faraway does not Exist”
This was done for the JPL museum. It is about the dreams of those who work there. 

“Solid Smoke”
This version is a bit more interactive. There are infrared lights inside the display case and when your hands move over an open slit, the aerogel directly across from your hands turn colors.