Interactive light installation about planets around other stars

There are many things that exist right in front of us, yet we do not have the right technologies or mindset to see them. From scientific breakthroughs to successful organizational outcomes, they can all be obscured by something else until someone finds the key to truly see. For scientists at NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory, they are looking to discover earth like planets around other stars. This is extremely difficult because stars are billions of times bigger and brighter than the planets they are looking for. Yet they believe they are right there. Already hundreds of planets have been found, but current technology limits us to finding only the largest of planets. In the coming decades JPL will invent the tools to find them. This installation investigates this concept of seeing what is unseen.

This installation for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory I project a movie onto a large wall/surface. At the same time I project a brighter pixelated movie that is reminiscent of the sun. This projected light is so bright it washes out the movie from the other projector. The “sun like” projector is about waist height so that as soon as you walk in front of the light, the persons shadow hits the screen and reveals the video inside their shadow. The more people inside, the more of the video they can see.