Travel posters to other worlds

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 5.56.41 PM.png

One day we were asked to decorate a hallway for when a prominent exo-planet scientist was coming to JPL. David Delgado had the great idea of creating travel posters to the worlds we have been discovering. Above are some of the results. More about their creation as well as very high res versions for free download can be found here: NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Visions of the Future Site

Creative Direction:
David Delgado, Dan Goods

Joby Harris (Kepler 16b, Kepler 186f, PSO-318.5 -22, Earth, Titan)
Invisible Creature (Grand Tour, Mars, Enceladus)
Liz Barrios De La Torre (Ceres, Europa)
Stefan Bucher/Ron Miller (Jupiter)
Jessie Kawata (Venus)
Lois Kim (Typography Design, Venus, Europa)


Some of the posters inspired these photo booths which we first showed at the Arroyo Seco music festival at the Rose Bowl.

special thanks to keith greco and raffi lehrer for making this happen