Where it all began

“You're too practical!” That was what Roland Young, my mentor at ArtCenter, told me while trying to brand a family owned grocery store which sells over 400 types of soda pop. He realized that I needed to play more, and that I was so practical that I would figure out what to do with what ever I came up with. 

During this study I came up with a variety of options including a way of attaching bottles to a truck so that as the truck moved the moving air caused them to make music, a pipe organ made of soda bottles, various sculptures, imagery and movies. The goal was not to come up with final designs, but to investigate lots of different ideas. This one project changed my life and I credit it as what helped me get a job at NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 

You can hear me discuss this project on my TEDx talk on the “A bit about Dan” page.